Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sautéed Fish and Tropical Salsa.

Picture of Sautéed Fish and Tropical Salsa on a white plate and a fork.


1 ½ pound of Snapper fillets, thawed.
1 pound of tropical fruit salad.
½ cup of grape tomatoes.
2 tablespoons of fresh cilantro finely chopped.
1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar.
½ teaspoon of seasoned pepper blend.
Cooking spray.


Chop cilantro.
Cut tomatoes into halves or quarters.
Check fish for bones.
Cut fruit into small pieces.
Combine fruit, tomatoes, cilantro and balsamic vinegar for salsa.

Preheat large sauté pan on medium-high around 2 or 3 minutes. Season both sides of fish with seasoned pepper blend. Remember to wash your hands first. Remove pan from heat; coat with cooking spray. Place fish in pan, cook around 2 or 3 minutes on each side or until fish is opaque and separates easily.

This plate combines great brown rice and this other.

Serves 4

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