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Mango Sangria

Mango Sangria
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Mango Sangria

This tropical spirit will light up your taste buds in true Spanish style.  Sangria’s roots are from 
Spain but are becoming increasingly popular around the world.  A refreshing beverage that is 
mostly served over ice can perfectly complement spicy foods as well as grilled meats.

The only problem with SANGRIA is there is never enough!  Cheers!


1 sweet yellow mango

1 large orange

1 fresh lime

1 fresh lemon

1 bottle of Rioja or other red wine

1 shot of Bacardi Dark Rum

1 shot of Grand Marnier

1 liter pitcher of lemonade

Sugar to taste


Cut up the mango, orange, lime and lemon into small chunks and place in a large pitcher or 

Mix in the wine and the lemonade. 

Drop in the shot of Bacardi Dark Rum and Grand Marnier. 

Taste this.  

Add some sugar to taste if you think it needs it.

Let this mixture sit in the fridge overnight and soak in all of the fruity flavors. 

Serve the next day over ice with a garnish of an orange slice.

An added bonus is to slice extra fruit and freeze to use as ice cubes when serving.

Sangria can be paired well with appetizers such as Pepperjack Cheese served on a hefty 
wafer or Triscuit, Spicy Meatballs,  Fried Calamari or Shrimp to name a few.

Enjoy this recipe and many more at palmbeachhappening

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