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Exotic Alcoholic Eggnog Recipe

Exotic Alcoholic Eggnog Recipe
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Exotic Alcoholic Eggnog Recipe

“Christmas is just round the corner and if you wish to try a new eggnog recipe then your search ends here. Try out our Exotic Alcoholic Eggnog Recipe that is easy to make and delicious to 
taste.” Shaina G


6 Eggs

2 Extra Egg Yolks

4 cups Whole Milk

¾ cup Heavy Cream

½ cup + 2 tbsp Sugar

1 cup Bourbon

1 tablespoon Vanilla Extract

½ teaspoon Grated Nutmeg


Whisk the eggs with egg yolks, sugar and salt in a large pan.

Whisk and slowly pour milk in it until well blended.

Keep the pan on flame and keep stirring for about 30 minutes until the mixture easily coats the 
underside of a knife or spoon.

Remove from heat and strain it in a large bowl.

Add in this mixture vanilla, extract, bourbon and nutmeg.

Cover the bowl and refrigerate for at least 3 to 4 hours.

Now, your Eggnog is ready to be served with alcohol.

Simply, whip the heavy cream and fold it in the chilled eggnog mixture and pour and serve with 
your choice of alcoholic beverage.

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