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Mai Tai

Mai Tai
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Mai Tai

“There are quite a few versions of this cocktail but most start with rum, end with rum, and add some tropical flavors somewhere in between.  Purported to have been created at Trader Vic's restaurant in the mid 40's, this classic was featured prominently in the Elvis Presley film Blue Hawaii.  Today the Mai Tai is synonymous with Tiki culture and is a featured cocktail at many Tiki bars.  Derived from the Tahitian word meaning "good", this tasty tropical treat is certainly worth a try.” hamptonroadshappyhour


1 ounce Light Rum

.5 ounce Triple Sec

.5 ounce Amaretto

1 ounce Dark Rum

2 ounce Orange Juice

2 ounce Pineapple Juice

.5 ounce Grenadine


Fill a tall rocks glass or a Collins glass with ice. 

In sequence, add the light rum, triple sec, Amaretto, Grenadine, and two juices.

At this point, you can either pour the drink into a cocktail shaker and mix well, or leave it as it is 
to keep both the layered look and the different layers of flavors.  I prefer the layered approach.

Next, float the dark rum on top and garnish with a cherry and some fresh pineapple. 

Insert a long straw, and enjoy!

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