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Tempting Christmas Kiss Cocktail Recipe

Tempting Christmas Kiss Cocktail Recipe
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Tempting Christmas Kiss Cocktail Recipe

“This Christmas serve your guests a new tempting cocktail. Prepare Tempting Christmas Kiss Cocktail in minutes and serve chilled to get lots of complements. Prepared in minutes using a handful of juices, this cocktail tastes delectable.” Shaina G


16 ounces (500ml) Cranberry Juice

16 ounces (500ml) Blood Orange Juice

12 ounces (350ml) Cold Champagne

2 tablespoon (25ml) Cointreau Liqueur

Orange Peel

Maraschino Cherries


Select some chilled champagnes Flutes and sprinkle some angostura bitters on the bottom of 
these flutes.

Fill the champagne flutes half with the champagne.

Now, slowly add fruit juices almost half of all the types.

Be careful as the champagne will froth.

Serve after garnishing each glass with orange peels and maraschino cherries.

Serve: 4

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