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Russian - Polish Salad

Russian - Polish Salad
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Image Credit: Violetta

Russian - Polish Salad 


2 medium potatoes, boiled and peeled

4 eggs, hard boiled

2 carrots, boiled

1 celery stalk

1 apple

2 sour dill pickles

2 cups of green peas, fresh or canned

3 tablespoons of Polish mustard

½ - 1 cup of mayonnaise (depending on taste)

Salt and pepper, to taste


Dice up all the veggies and fruit into small cubes.

Add mustard, mayonnaise, salt and pepper and mix together.

Add all rest of ingredients and toss everything well.

There is no right amount for these ingredients and it all depends on taste.

Some people like a lot of mayo, some like less.

Also, pickles, celery and apple are optional and again, depend on taste.

My mom sometimes adds ham to this recipe, although I personally like it better vegetarian.

This salad is very versatile and tastes good with just about anything - meats, potatoes, pastas, 
perogies, even curries!

You can combine this amazing recipe with some others from our collection.

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