Thursday, March 28, 2013

Quiche Lorraine - Eating France

Quiche Lorraine - Eating France
Picture from: ferdakost
Image Credit: Marion

Quiche Lorraine - Eating France

“Quiche Lorraine is incredibly easy to make and takes next-to-no time, particularly if you have ready-to-go savoury tart dough. Once you've got the dough and fitted it nicely in a tart mould, make the filling – a simple mixture of eggs, crème fraîche, pork or bacon, nutmeg and pepper (I also love to use fresh thyme).” Marion


200 grams flour

100 grams butter, at room temperature

1 pinch of salt

Milk or water, as needed

3 eggs

200 grams smoked pork or bacon

100 grams grated cheese (optional)

2 deciliter crème fraîche




In a bowl, sift the flour and salt and make a well in the centre.

Add the butter, working with your hands, and adding water or milk until a smooth dough is 

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