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Modern Olivier Salad

Modern Olivier Salad
Picture from: AlMare
Image Credit: AlMare

Modern Olivier Salad     

” This version was a staple of any holiday dinner on the Soviet era, especially of a New Year dinner, due to availability of components in winter. Even though more exotic foods are widely available in Russia on these days, its popularity has hardly diminished: this salad was and maybe still is the most traditional dish for the home New Year celebration for Russian people.” Maria


pound York ham

1 can (15 oz) of sweet peas

3 large potatoes

4 carrots

6 eggs

1 bunch of green onions

1 bunch of fresh dill

5 cucumbers, pickled with salt not with vinegar

Fresh ground black pepper

Salt to taste

1 cup Mayonnaise, used to taste


Boil carrots and potatoes in advance and make sure they cool till room temperature when you 
start making the salad.

Prepare hard boiled eggs in advance; let them to cool down to room temperature as well.

Wash green onions and dill.

Skin boiled potatoes and dice them into small cubes.

Skin boiled carrots and dice them into the cubes of the same size you diced potatoes.

Put diced carrots and potatoes into a big bowl.

Open can with peas and remove liquid, add to the bowl.

Peel eggs and dice them into the same size pieces as carrots and potatoes.

Add them to the bowl.

Dice York ham, add to the bowl.

Dice pickled cucumbers. Pickled with salt, not with vinegar; this is important.

Chop green onions and dill, add to the bowl.

Mix everything, season with ground black pepper and add salt if you feel it is needed.

Add mayonnaise and mix everything again.

Put salad to the bowl you want to serve it in.

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