Friday, May 17, 2013

Golden Skillet Potatoes

Golden Skillet Potatoes
Recipe from: melskitchencafe
Image Credit: Mel

Golden Skillet Potatoes

“Today’s recipe, I’m happy to report, is egg-free, nut-free, gluten-free and very, very tasty.” Mel


2 pounds Yukon gold or red potatoes (peeled if using Yukon gold potatoes), cut into 1-inch 

2 tablespoons plus 1 teaspoon olive oil

Salt and pepper

2 garlic cloves, finely minced

2 teaspoons minced fresh rosemary


In a large microwave-safe bowl, toss the potatoes with 1 tablespoon oil and ¼ teaspoon salt.

Microwave uncovered for 10 minutes, stirring every 1-2 minutes, until the potatoes soften but 
still hold their shape.

It is really important to stir every couple of minutes or the potatoes might not cook evenly and 
you'll end up with some pieces that are super tender and others that are hard.

Drain any...

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Recipe Source: adapted from America’s Test Kitchen Quick Family Cookbook

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