Sunday, May 26, 2013

Red White and Blue Patriotic Drink

Red White and Blue Patriotic Drink
Recipe from: melskitchencafe
Image Credit: Mel

Red White and Blue Patriotic Drink

“The method behind this drink is choosing 3 (or more!) drinks with varying sugar content and layering the drinks with the highest sugar on the bottom working up to the no-sugar drink on top. For instance, I used cranberry juice with 30 grams sugar for the bottom layer, blue Gatorade with 16 grams sugar for the middle layer and Sprite Zero with 0 grams sugar for the top layer. I've included the drinks I used below for the patriotic version but feel free to get creative with colors and flavors!” Mel


Cranberry Juice, chilled

Blue Gatorade (not sugar-free), chilled

Sprite Zero, chilled



Fill each glass with ice.

Pour the cranberry juice ...

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