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Steamed Gindara fish with soy sauce

Steamed Gindara fish with soy sauce
Recipe from: dailydelicious
Image Credit: Jiraporn
Steamed Gindara fish with soy sauce

“Gindara fish has many names, it can be called black cod or sablefish too, it has white and soft flesh.” Jiraporn


1 Slice of Gindara fish (about 400-500g)

3 Spring onions, thinly sliced

1/8 cup Ginger, peeled and thinly sliced

3 Dried shiitake, soaking in water and thinly sliced

1 Red goat pepper, seed removed and thinly sliced

30ml Vegetable oil (I use rice barn oil)

Seasoning sauce:

½ cup Water

1 tsp Brown sugar

1 ½ tbsp Soy sauce

½ tbsp Cooking sauce (Maggi)

½ tsp Shaoxing wine

½ tbsp Double dark soy sauce 


Mix the seasoning sauce ingredients together in a microwavable cup.

Put the oil in the microwavable cup.

Place the fish on the deep dish, set aside.

Pour 300ml of water into the steam water bowl.

Place the fish dish on the steam plate, and cover with the steam cover.

Choose Thai Auto menu, tc29 and press start.

dailydelicious note: If your fish is 500g you can use the setting time (15 minutes), but if your fish 
is 400g or lower, press start and then press stop ( so you can reset the timer) and reduce the 
time to 13 minutes.

When the fish is done, take the steamer out of the microwave.

Remove the cover and put the sliced spring onion, the sliced ginger, the shiitake, and red goat 
pepper over the fish.

Cover with the steamer cover.

Put the seasoning cup and oil cup in the microwave, select the microwave function, use 900w 
of power, and turn dial knob to 1 minutes and press start.

When the seasoning is ready, open the steamer cover, pour the seasoning sauce and oil over 
the fish, serve immediately.

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