Sunday, February 15, 2015

Tie Me To The Bedpost #2

Tie Me To The Bedpost #2
Recipe from: hamptonroadshappyhour
Image credit: hamptonroadshappyhour
Tie Me To The Bedpost #2

“As with many popular cocktails, there can be quite a few variations to the original recipe.  Some keep the same name, while others simply have a number attached to it.  Such is the case for our featured cocktail.  Considering its name, this is a rather mild, but certainly delicious drink.  It features the subtle flavors of Peach, Almond, Orange, and Pomegranate, and would be a great choice at any Happy Hour.  We hope that you enjoy this provocative concoction... Tie Me To The Bedpost #2.  Cheers!”  hamptonroadshappyhour

Thanks to our friends at Jon Margeaux for the pewter accented glassware!


1 oz. Vodka

1 oz. Amaretto

1 oz. Southern Comfort

2 oz. Orange Juice

1 oz. Grenadine

Cherry to garnish


Combine the ingredients in an ice filled cocktail shaker. 

Cover, shake well, strain into an ice filled Rocks glass, insert a couple of sipping straws, 
garnish accordingly, and get ready for some fun with your... Tie Me To The Bedpost #2.  

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