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Whiskey Smash

Whiskey Smash
Recipe from: hamptonroadshappyhour
Image credit: hamptonroadshappyhour
Whiskey Smash

This tasty offering was suggested by one of my golfing buddies, and considering the source, I knew it would be good.  It's simple to build, bursting with flavor, and easy on the eyes.  If you've ever made a Mojito, this cocktail will be a breeze.  We hope you'll try our featured cocktail... Whiskey Smash.  Cheers...  Thanks Wes! (a.k.a. Hack)” hamptonroadshappyhour


2 oz. Whiskey

1 oz. Simple Syrup (boil equal parts of water and sugar)

1 Lemon

5 Mint leaves

2 oz. Club Soda (optional)


In a bowl, muddle half a Lemon, 4 Mint leaves, and 1 oz. of simple syrup. 

When finished, strain the mixture into an ice filled Rocks glass. 

Add the Whiskey, and give it a good stir. 

If you want a bit more volume to your drink, add some Club Soda (or any mixer you prefer). 

Garnish with a Lemon slice and a Mint leaf, drop in a couple of sipping straws, and get 
ready for a smooth and delicious cocktail... Whiskey Smash.  (As with all of our cocktails, 
feel free to adjust the ingredients to fit your tastes)  Enjoy!

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