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Tomato egg fried rice

Tomato egg fried rice
Recipe from: sunflower-recipes
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Tomato egg fried rice

Tomato and egg are such good combination, universal favorite.Sunflower


about 2.5 cups of cooked rice, loosen (best use overnight rice)

2 eggs

2 - 3 firm and red tomato, cut into small pieces

1 - 2 clove garlic, chopped

some chopped spring onion

dash of soy sauce

pinch of ground pepper

some cooking oil

dash of sesame oil


Add a little soy sauce to egg, beat.

Heat some oil and swirl around the wok or pan.

Wait till smoking, pour the egg spread it out thin, wait for few seconds till set and lightly 
brown on the bottom then keep stirring to break up the egg.

Fry egg till surface is a bit brown, this gives lots of flavor.


Add a bit more oil and garlic.

Stir till fragrant.

Add rice stir till heated through.

Add dash of light soy and pinch of ground pepper.

Stir in scrambled egg and tomato pieces.

Stir for a short while till heated through.

Add chopped spring onion and dash of sesame oil.

Sprinkle a little chopped spring onion as garnish.

This recipe is enough for two or 1 very, very, hungry person

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