Sunday, November 27, 2016

Mi Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre
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Mi Cuba Libre

“Many people have this cocktail ranked as high as #2 in the world's most popular drink category.  Almost everybody have it in their top 10. The name Cuba Libre, is Spanish for "Free Cuba", and has been around for well over 100 years. Now, with the big news of as yesterday, it takes another dimension in its name. Basically, it's a Rum and Coke with a hint of Lime.  It's a great party cocktail, and no bartending experience is needed.  It's just Rum, Coke, Lime Juice, and a big smile!” Maria


2 oz. Añejo 7 Years Havana Club Rum

6 oz. Cola

.5 oz. fresh Lime Juice



Pour the Rum into an ice filled Collins glass. 

Add the Cola and Lime Juice, and give it a good stir.  

Optional you can place a Lime wedge on the rim of the glass, insert a long straw, and get ready to enjoy this classic cocktail...Mi Cuba Libre!

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