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Summer Protein Pasta

Summer Protein Pasta
Recipe from: eatmedelicious
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Summer Protein Pasta

“Now, we all know that lentils are a great source of protein and dietary fiber, copper, phosphorus, and manganese.”  


Organic Red Lentil Rotini - 16 ounces

Scallions - 2

Fresh basil 3-4 leaves

Mushrooms – 1 cup sliced

Celery – ½  cup chopped

Red bell pepper – ½  cup chopped

Sweet pea – ½ cup

Broccoli – 1 cup small florets

Tomato  – 1 cup chopped

Sundried tomato – ½ cup sliced

Salt – 1 Tbsp, or by taste

Pepper – 1 Tbsp (fresh crushed)

Oregano – 1 Tbsp dried, or fresh

Sage – 1 Tbsp dried, or fresh

One handful of spinach big chunky leaves


In a skillet (i like to use cast iron for flavor and some extra iron) add a tiny bit of water and 
cook all these ingredients except for spinach about 3-5 minutes on high until the water 

When cooked turn off the heat add spinach to get a tiny hint of steam and set it aside to cool down.

Mix in 2 Tbsp Olive Oil and juice from 1/2 lemon.

On a cutting board chop 1-2 scallions, fresh basil 3-4 leaves thin sliced and fresh mint 4-5 
leaves thin sliced.

Slowly blend in the pasta, scallions and the herbs.

You can always adjust the seasonings to your taste and use some fresh cherry tomatoes to 
garnish the plate.

 If you have leftovers you can eat it cold also.

Read more and enjoy this amazing recipe and many more when visiting eatmedelicious

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