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What's for Lunch: Cuban Sandwich

What's for Lunch: Cuban Sandwich
Recipe from: cubaninthemidwest
Image credit: Ivonne
What's for Lunch: Cuban Sandwich

“Soon after arriving in this country, the children were pulled front and center to translate. To our parents our second grade English was better than no English at all, but at seven years old, we barely had a grasp of our native Spanish! Ah, the frustration, the misinterpretation, the incomprehension, the futile attempts at communication. But alas, we had our Cuban Sandwich and we ate it too!” Ivonne


Cuban bread

Roast Pork (I made a Hormel boneless pork roast - onion and garlic flavor - threw it into a 
crock pot until done)

Sweet Ham, thick sliced

Swiss cheese

Dill pickles

Yellow mustard (optional)



To prepare the sandwich slice the bread horizontally and spread butter on both inside 

Lay the pickles on the bottom half followed by a layer of roast pork, then ham and Swiss 

You can spread mustard on the inside top half. 

Close the sandwich, spread a little butter on the top and place it on a Panini press (okay, I 
know you don't have one, but I bet you have a George Foreman grill which works the same, 
if not then place the sandwich on a hot (not too hot) lightly greased frying pan. Place a 
heavy iron skillet on top of the sandwich to flatten.)

The sandwich should be compressed to about 1/3 its original height.

Grill the sandwiches, until the cheese is melted and the bread is golden.

Slice the sandwich in half diagonally and serve.

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